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About Us
Mission Statement:

Lake Area Partnerships for Animal Welfare Rescue(LAPAW Rescue) works to provide a SECOND CHANCE for homeless, abused/neglected companion animals.

Vision Statement:

LAPAW Rescue works toward the day when 100% of adoptable animals in Calcasieu Parish are placed in loving homes: i.e. when Calcasieu Parish Animal Control facilities become no-kill facilities. This will be accomplished only through promotion of an aggressive spay/ neuter and family-friendly fostering and adoption programs.

The current kill numbers for Calcasieu Parish are between 10,000 and 11,000 a year. We hope that by creating awareness and educating people in Calcasieu the numbers will be drastically reduced until every adoptable animal will have a home. LAPAW Rescue makes every effort to promote the low cost spay/neuter program of Calcalsieu Parish Animal Services. 


1. To raise funds through donations and fund-raising activities for medical care/treatment and vetting for homeless, abused/neglected companion animals in order to make them adoptable.

2. To promote adoption as the first option for prospective pet owners and fostering as a means to enhance the adoptability of homeless pets. 

3. To promote an active spay/neuter program in order to stop pet overpopulation to the end that Calcasieu Parish will become a no-kill region of the state. 

4. Until no-kill status is reached, to promote humane treatment for all impounded animals and, if necessary, humane euthanasia only by lethal injection administered by  trained, compassionate personnel.
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