*Give The Gift Of A 2nd Chance With PayPal*

$5.00                  Provides a shot for a foster animal

$10.00               Toys and Treats for a foster animal

$25.00               Food for a month for a foster animal

$50.00              Help to spay or neuter a foster animal

$75.00              "2nd chance home package"
                         Microchip, vaccines, fostering needs

$100.00              Microchips and vaccinees 
                              for a litter of puppies 

$500.00              Healthcare, microchip, vaccinate,
                          spay/neutere for a litter of sick puppies

$1000.00            Vet care for one abused or injured
                          animal taken into our foster program

Pick the amount      No amount is ever too small to make
                                a huge difference to a foster animal
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Donations & Sponsorship
A beautiful wolf hybrid that LaPaw helped save. She is now part of a sanctuary and helps teach people about wolves.
  LaPaw Rescue is always grateful for any donation given to help us provide second chances for homeless, unwanted animals.
  We are a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Our group is made up of volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to helping rescue and save these animals.
Thank you for visiting LaPaw Rescue
Bonnie Blue
A pitt bull mix, who was near death, when rescued by LaPaw. She now has a wonderful, loving family, who thanks God for her every day.
LaPaw Rescue Sponsorship Program

LaPaw Rescue offers several different ways to help out animals in need. Not everyone can foster or donate their time, so by sponsoring one of our adoptable foster animals, you can still give in a way that makes a difference. 

Sponsoring an Adoptable Animal
Sponsors of animals provide food, collar, and leashes for their sponsors. They can provide what ever they can afford, there is no set amount. Many of the animals come into the program underweight with no collars and in need of lots of love. Anything that a sponsor can offer is a blessing to the foster family of our animals. Please email LaPaw Rescue for more information:

Foster Homes
LaPaw Rescue does not have a kennel to house the animals we save, so the number of animals saved directly coincides with the number of foster homes available. A foster home helps to provide socialization for animals who have been neglected or abused. By using fosters we can better understand the needs of each animal and find the right adoptive family. As a foster, you will be responsible for transporting animals to the vet's office on the day it is to be vetted. Also you must bring the animal to PetSmart on Saturdays for Adoption Day. If you will be out of town or need someone to help with transportation, we do all that we can to help. LaPaw Rescue also provides dog food for the foster homes if it is needed. LaPaw Rescue loves it's fosters and will help out in any way. 
If you are interested please call : 

478-7294 or email lapaw@bellsouth.net

Pet Page Sponsors in American Press
This is a good way to help out one of the adoptable animals while also getting some advertisement for your business. 
The pet page runs every other Wednesday in the classified section.
The ad is $10.00 and has a photo of the adoptable animal with a small description and underneath, your business name. Contact info for your business can be added if desired at no extra charge. Size of the ads are limited. 
If interested, please contact:

LAPAW Rescue
Check us out at Facebook  LAPAW Rescue & TNR
After having to be given up by his family, Hercules has now found his forever family. This sweet guy is a bundle of joy. LaPaw Rescue is so thankful to have been there in his time of need.
Monetary Donations can also be sent to LAPAW Rescue at the address listed below:

LaPaw Rescue
  P.O. Box 4964
 Lake Charles, LA 70606

Email any questions to lapaw@bellsouth.net  

**All Donations are Tax Deductible
Some of the uses for donations include the following need list for foster animals:
1. Collars & leashes

2. Microchips, vaccines

3. Heartworm pills

4. Flea Medication

5. Treatment of heartworms, mange, and other diseases

6. Grooming for long haired fosters.

7.Dog food & treats

8.Rehabilitation of injured animals

9.Food & water bowls

10. Spay/ Neuter