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This just in!  Another of our favorites just celebrated her 3rd birthday with her forever family in Rhode Island. Brynne, the choco girl in the basket, was confiscated from a crack house in a rural LA town when she was five weeks old. Happily, she came to us and her "forevers" found her through American Lab Rescue (in CT), one of our sister rescues. The middle pic was her birthday photo last year. The third pic is just in--her mom reports this pic was taken during Brynne's daily dip in the river close to their house. Being the only child, Brynne is the light of her forever folks' lives. A note to anyone considering fostering--getting updates on former fosters' lives gives a joy that cannot be measured!

Remember little Tinker Bell (pictures to be added soon), the little Chi-girl who found was abandoned in a trailer park? Tink went to a foster home that has become her "forever" home, She quickly moved into the hearts of Ms. Denise and her family. She is now best friends with Sweete, a poodle and two cats and is loving her new life! 
Does this look like a contented boy or what!!  Here is General Beauregard with his new mom, Allison, who drove all the way from New Orleans to complete his adoption. She reports that Beau has adjusted well to life in the big city and she is thrilled to have him as her constant companion!  Beau's best bud, William BRADford, who came into rescue at the same time, is also loving life with his new family (in CT) that includes his very own three kids and four cats!
Little KiKi (Kit's mom) went home with her forever mom, Jan, a few weeks ago. The first pic shows her in the car on the way home. The other pics show her with her new brother, Archie. They look like they are fighting but, in reality, are just playing. They quickly became best buds. LAPAW Rescue volunteers are delighted that Kiki found her home and is one happy girl!
Here are two more LAPAW Rescue alums!  Skylar (shepherd mx) and Avery (black lab mx) are both happy at home on the East Coast--both were rescued by LAPAW Rescue then listed with American Lab Rescue.  Skylar was a little Sulphu SAC girl and Avery was abandoned on a country road. She was brought to LR by a neighbor who found her. We are delighted both little sweethearts have found forever homes where they are loved and cherished every day.

After being abandoned in a trailer park with a major bone infection, then losing his foster to adopt parents due to an out-of-state move, Duke is home at last with his forever family. He could not be happier having FIVE boys to grow up with!  Miss you boy, but wish you the happiest of forevers!
Little Sarge, abandoned with his mom and sisters when he was just a little tyke, visits with his new dad at PetsMart. Sarge now has a BOY to call his own and to grow up with and we couldn't be happier!  

Sarge's mom and sister (Hazel & Bella Len) have both been adopted!)
One of our favorite photos!  This is Shades leaving PetsMart (8/21) with his new family--is this a happy boy (or two!) or what!  This handsome boy was on death row and was found (on and saved by Ms. Tiffany (we don't know if it was his name or his face that was so compelling). He lived with his foster dad, Mr. David until his family found him. What a great match and what a happy day!  This is why we do what we do!  Need some joy in your life--save a homeless pet. The rewards are terrific!
Bonnie Blue (Bailey)
One of our many success stories, Bonnie Blue is one we all remember. She showed up on a volunteer's doorstep one morning and stayed on the porch for several hours. Hungry, full of worms and in bad shape, she came back a few minutes later with a little boy dog who was worse off than she was. After 14 hours and calling the neighbors the volunteers brought the puppies to a foster home in the program. Being pit bull mixes, their only salvation was a rescue instead of the pound.  They had been running around for a week with no food or care. Bonnie Blue had such a sweet personality and every time the family who adopted her comes by to see us, they tell us again and again how thankful they are for us saving her life. She is beautiful, fat and sassy. Most of all she is alive, safe, loved and that above all is what we are all about.