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Welcome to LaPaw Rescue's Blog
Thanks For Visiting LaPaw Rescue
We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and otherwise homely faces.  
It is our joy to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness, and defeat to find the true soul that lies within.      
We are Rescue...
February 14, 2013
May 13, 2013
June 10, 2013:  It is our JOY to share with you the AMAZING transformation of Laddie from "skinny with mange" to "happy and handsome" in less than 3 months with just a little TLC.  If you would care to share the joy in fostering a homeless pet, please call 337-478-7294; or email us at www.lapaw.org.
Little Evvie, upon arrival in June
After a haircut and bath!
Starting a NEW LIFE on July 4, 2013!
Thank you, Lenore & Michael for loving 
our girl!
July 26, 2013  Another miraculous transformation to report!
Just a little TLC, bath and a haircut sends our girl to a new life.
It is truly our joy...
October 20, 2014:  Time just gets away from us!  Several happy placements to celebrate!  Two of our "long-timers" have found their true "forever" homes.  Pictured right is Sprinkles--our guy who lost his person in a car crash over 2 years ago was with us for 18 months.  He is proof + that good things come to those who wait!  He is pictured here with his new person, Mr Mike and is all ears as Mr.Mike reads the Bible to him every morning.
Another happy girl!  Our little Sadie, aka Houdini the escape artist, is finally home with her new mom, Tiffany.  We will post pics as soon as we receive some of the happy girl.  Suffice it to say, being a lap dog cuddle-bug is heaven for her.